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Welcome to our website!  

My name is Brian Burmeister.  My beautiful wife is Diane Burmeister.  We were married July 7, 2007 in Windom Minnesota.  We currently live in Windom in a house that we bought in May of 2009. 

Diane works for an accounting firm in Windom (JTB) where she is an administrative assistant. She loves her job. I work as an investor (swing trading/daytrading) from home, and I am also currently working on compiling a book of original German WWII reports (translated in English). 

We are members of the First Baptist Church here in Windom, and we absolutely love our Church friends. 

We love watching TV together, especially the Food Network, the Home and Garden network and the DIY channel.  
Friday nights are our movie date night. 

When we are not watching TV or working, we both love to read.  Diane has been reading Christian novels and my chief hobby is WWII history, and I love to read about the Second World War.  I have a large book collection which keeps me constantly reading.   I also assemble WWII models and I play large World War II board games in the basement of our house.  These hobbies keep both of us quite busy.  

Thanks for stopping by our website.  Please feel free leave a message in our guestbook.