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Our Family

Our family consist of Diane and myself, and our dog, Nikita.

Diane's parents (Norman and Vonnie) live in Bingham Lake, Minnesota.  Norman is a farmer and Vonnie works right along with him.   Diane has two brothers, Mike who is the oldest (and lives in Madison Lake, Minnesota)  with his wife Carrie and their two sons, Brett & Clay.  Her younger brother, Kevin (who lives in Lake Village, IN) has three girls, Makenzie & Ariana, and Ellie.

I have two older sisters.  Beth is the elder sibling, and she lives in Lamberton, Minnesota with her husband Kenov and their children Andrew, Hannah and Avery.  They have three older children who are no longer living at home.  Amy is the middle sibling and she lives in Windom with her husband Dennis and their three children Dominic, Blake, Cody and grandson Drake.

My parents have  both have passed away.  I lost my Mom in May of 2001 to lung cancer and we recently lost my Dad to a heart attack (April 2010).  They have both been missed very much.