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Vacation Diary

Diane's 2nd job.
Her and her dad's Track Tractor

Chicago Vacation (Summer 2013) Check out the scenic pictures from the top of the John Hancock Observatory on the next few pages.
Colorado Vacation (Summer 2012)
Para Glidding in CO 2012

Both of us are scared of heights and we decide to run off the side of a mountain - Are we NUTS?

Seattle Vacation 2011 Helicopter ride into Mt. St. Helens
Northern MN Vacation 2010 From 1/2 mile under the earth in a mine to 1/2 mile above the earth in a hot air balloon.
House Projects  Our House Projects. Brian tries to help but does more puppy sitting than anything 
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Chicago Vacation (Summer 2013)
Colorado Vacation (Summer 2012)
Para Glidding in CO 2012
Seattle Vacation 2011
Northern MN Vacation 2010
House Projects